The Bloodhound Project BHTV - Anatomy

If you are wondering about how particular parts of the Car work, then this series of videos will give you the information ...

Cisco BLOODHOUND TV - Episode 13 Why doesn't Bloodhound SSC have an ejector seat?

Wednesday, 9 May, 2012

In this episode, Chief Aerodynamicist Ron Ayers explains why BLOODHOUND SSC does not have an ejector seat.

[Original Music by Al Lethbridge]

Cisco BLOODHOUND TV - Episode 12 Additive Manufacture

Tuesday, 24 April, 2012

In this episode, Dan Johns explains how Additive Manufacture has a lot of advantages over traditional methods.

[original music by Al Lethbridge, BLOODHOUND SSC animation by Flock, London]

BLOODHOUND TV - BBC Learning Zone Is Bloodhound SSC a car, a boat or a plane?

Wednesday, 1 February, 2012

Is Bloodhound SSC a car, a boat or a plane?

Duration: 07:07

Bloodhound Investigators find out if Bloodhound SSC is a car,a boat or a plane. They compare and contrast features of each with members of the Bloodhound team.

Subject: Science

Cisco BLOODHOUND TV - Episode 6 The Performance Curve

Thursday, 3 November, 2011

In this episode, we look at the performance curve of Bloodhound SSC; how can you accelerate to 1000mph and stop safely on a 12 mile track?

[Original Music by Al Lethbridge]

Cisco BLOODHOUND TV - Episode 5 Why is Bloodhound the shape it is?

Friday, 7 October, 2011

 In this episode, Aerodynamicist Ron Ayers tells us why BloodhoundSSC is the shape it is.

Cisco BLOODHOUND TV - Episode 1 First Metal Cut

Wednesday, 29 June, 2011

Episode 1 records the moment the first metal components for BLOODHOUND's chassis were manufactured at Hampson Industries.