The Bloodhound Project Visits

The BLOODHOUND Project is about so much more than building a World Land Speed Record car. We also want to inspire the next generation to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics. And we want to share our iconic research and development programme with a global audience.

There are many ways in which you can interact with the Project, including visiting the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre (BTC) where we are building the Car and travelling to where the Car will run. Or we can come to visit you!

Visits and parties at the BTC

We host a range of events at the BTC for clubs, businesses, schools and children which include tours of the workshop and briefings on how the Car is progressing. These include:

We also run regular Rocket Car Experience family days at the BTC (keep an eye on our Events page) and open house events for our supporters within the 1K Club.

Visit Hakskeen Pan in South Africa

BLOODHOUND will make its World Land Speed Record runs in the desert in Northern Cape, South Africa.

You are very welcome to travel to Hakskeen Pan to see the track at any time and to watch the Car run, but please ensure you read our guidance on desert visits and check for announcements of confirmed dates before booking.

We’ll visit you

Our Team, including our Ambassadors, visit a lot of events and schools every month – in the UK and abroad. We’d be delighted to be asked to tell our story and share the BLOODHOUND experience with you.

Find out more about our Educational Outreach packages where we visit your school with any one of our range of exciting, hands-on packages, which include:

Please email visit.us@bloodhoundssc.com if you would like to discuss booking a BLOODHOUND speaker for your event.