The Bloodhound Project BLOODHOUND SSC Augmented Reality

BLOODHOUND SSC Augmented Reality

Tuesday, 18 December, 2012

See BLOODHOUND SSC in 3D and explore the car, learning about key areas.

Download the free official BLOOHOUND SSC augmented reality experience App for IOS from the iTunes App store.

The app called BLOODHOUND SSC AR by Clicks Media Studios will develop alongside the actual BLOODHOUND Project so keep your app up to date for improvements and more features.

* Augmented reality is only available on devices with cameras*

Key Features:

- 3D view of the BLOODHOUND SSC.
- View interactive information tabs on the car.

How to Use the Official BLOODHOUND SSC AR App

  • Download the trigger image below and print onto card or paper using a printer, for best results use paper that is not glossy or shiny.
  • Once you have printed the trigger image, place the image onto a flat surface.
  • Launch the app and point the device at the trigger image and keep it in view on screen.
  • Move around the image or rotate your printout to see Bloodhound SSC from all angles.
  • Tap on the hotspots to read more information about the car.
  • Use the zoom button to see a larger version of the car.
  • Enjoy BLOODHOUND SSC in stunning Augmented Reality (AR)

Trigger image pdf

Download File