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Car news – July 2017

Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 - 19:15

As the Team prepares BLOODHOUND SSC for the runs at Newquay in October, it’s all go at the Technical Centre (BTC). Parts continue to arrive from suppliers and before long we should have all bespoke BLOODHOUND-designed parts necessary to build the Newquay-specific car configuration.

So the Car is really coming together, but there's a great deal still to do before the first turn of the jet engine. Things are definitely hotting up. Here’s some of the work that’s happened at the BTC in the last month….

Latest Car news

Tuesday, 6 December, 2016 - 13:03

Work has been continuing apace at the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre over the last month, where the main focus for the Team has been preparing the lower chassis and fuel tanks for a jet fuel systems test in mid-December. We have also been working on the upper chassis - and there's another busy month ahead.