The Bloodhound Project Ambassador Programme

The BLOODHOUND Ambassador Programme is designed to inform, advise and enthuse teachers, students and the general public about the BLOODHOUND SSC Project. The Ambassador Programme is supported by volunteers who share the passion for the Project and want to ensure that BLOODHOUND SSC achieves its mission:

To create a national surge in the popularity of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects

BLOODHOUND currently has two types of Ambassador volunteers:

  • BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors - those who engage with students and young people at schools and colleges in the UK
  • BLOODHOUND Event Ambassadors – those who engage with the general public at Bloodhound promotional events

All BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors are required to sign up to the STEM Ambassadors Programme, coordinated by our partner STEMNET. BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors, are DBS-checked, well trained, resourced and motivated to ensure that schools, teachers and their pupils, plus the general public have maximum access to the Project. This includes explaining the technology behind BLOODHOUND SSC, the manufacturing and testing progress and an opportunity to visit events where the Project team, supported by Ambassadors, are exhibiting.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassador who engages with young people at schools or colleges in the UK, you must register with STEMNET and become an Approved STEM Ambassador.

STEM Ambassadors benefit from the support of their local STEMNET Contract Holder organisation to engage with schools, as well as insurance cover for their voluntary activities. The process of becoming a STEM Ambassador is completely free. The registration and approval process requires you to apply for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate and attend a 2 hour induction session.

STEM Ambassadors are required to commit to at least 1 voluntary activity each year, and most BLOODHOUND education activities will count towards this.

Sign up as a BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassador:

In order to get the process started, please download the BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassador Sign-Up Form which provides full instructions and guidance on the process.

And secondly, you need to contact Seema Quraishi at Ambassador Support – ambassadors@bloodhoundssc.com - and we will take it from there!

For anyone interested in being a BLOODHOUND Ambassador in South Africa , please email Wendy Maxwell - sabloodhound@gmail.com -  for more information

Or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.


The BLOODHOUND Ambassador has three strands to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to access to the Project:

Our STEM Ambassadors

Balloon Cars in Barnsley

BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors work with schools and youth groups in their local area. They endeavour to develop a close working relationship with a small number of schools and groups working with teachers, youth leaders and pupils on a variety of BLOODHOUND SSC related topics. These may include:

• contributing to a school lesson related to BLOODHOUND SSC
• supporting a national STEM Activity (KNex Challenge, CREST Awards, STEM Leaders Award etc)
• a regular visit to an afterschool STEM club
• taking part in a school ‘off curriculum’ day
• presenting during a school assembly
• supporting school visits to BLOODHOUND SSC events
• running an activity for scouts/guides or any other youth group


Ambassadors supporting the F1inSchools Challenge

Our BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors are not expected to “teach” lessons in school, that is the role of a teacher. They do however assist in the delivery of the wide range of educational activities available to Ambassadors and schools and bring their own specific expertise to the classroom. The Ambassadors have access to the wide range of videos, sample presentations and activities that are all designed to excite and inform teachers and students about the BLOODHOUND SSC Project.

To ensure that BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors are well supported and informed, we hold regular coaching sessions throughout the UK and keep in touch through newsletters and emails and encourage Ambassadors to keep up to date on Project progress through research of the website.

BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors need to be confident, articulate, and most importantly be enthusiastic and prepared to engage with students of different ages, ability and backgrounds. In the experience of many Ambassadors, the effort they put in is rewarded many times over from the feedback they get from teachers and students alike.

Many of our BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors have developed close links with schools where their own children, grandchildren or other relations attend, some of them are school Governors or members of the PTA and support the school in a host of different ways.

Please read David Barker's experiences and tips on becoming a BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassador - Giving Presentations - How hard can it be?

Also read Jonathan Reed's blog on why he became a BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassador

PLEASE NOTE: BLOODHOUND SSC STEM Ambassadors are also most welcome to support the Project at Public Engagements.

Event Ambassadors

Ambassadors at a Poster Signing with Richard Noble

The Event Ambassadors provide volunteer support at the Public Engagements we undertake throughout the UK.  They support Regional and National Events and are the “public face” of the BLOODHOUND SSC Project.  They have supported events such as Farnborough Air Show, Goodwood Festival of Speed, events at the NEC, Manchester Arena to name but a few.

The role of the Event Ambassador is to assist the Events Team in establishing the display and then spending time talking to the general public and invited guests about the aims and aspirations of BLOODHOUND SSC.  They are able to talk confidently and introduce the public to the 1K Club, merchandise and educational opportunities associated with BLOODHOUND SSC.

Event Ambassadors at Santa Pod

As with all our Ambassadors, they are trained in working with young people and the general public.  They undertake a great deal of research into the technical details of the car and can speak with confidence on most technical and operational aspects of the car.  Event Ambassadors are coached on how to make the technical details accessible to the public and in particular young visitors to the displays.  Some of our Event Ambassadors have a long association with World Land Speed having been involved in Thrust 2 and Thrust SSC.

Event Ambassadors need to be confident in dealing with the general public and young people, be prepared to assist with set-up and break-down of events, should have a great sense of fun.  They come from a variety of STEM and non-STEM careers backgrounds but from whatever background are passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic about the Project.

Corporate Ambassadors

Some of our Sponsors and other large organisations have established their own Ambassador Programmes that work alongside BLOODHOUND SSC, using our resources and contacts with schools often in support of their Corporate and Social Responsibility aims.

The host companies and organisation provide both Education and Event Ambassadors in support of the aims of the Bloodhound Education and Event Teams and are co-branded in presentations, dress and resources. 

Corporate Ambassadors promote not only Bloodhound but the host company’s activity within BLOODHOUND SSC and aim to work closely with schools and colleges locally, regionally or nationally.