The Bloodhound Project KS2 - The Balloon Powered Car

KS2 - The Balloon Powered Car



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Design & Technology

Balloon Powered Car


Children can build their own balloon powered car and then explore ways to make it go faster.

Building a balloon powered “rocket car” will provide opportunities for investigation, team work and design skills. Along with elements of science, technology and maths it is a useful vehicle for delivering numeracy and literacy.

The rocket car is propelled along the floor according to the principle stated in Isaac Newton's third law of motion: "For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction". The balloon pushes on the air, and the air pushes back on the balloon. Because the balloon is attached to the car, the car is pulled along by the balloon. The jet engine and rocket for BLOODHOUND SSC work on the same principle.

What factors affect the performance? How can it be made to go faster or further?



Bloodhound_KS2_Balloon_Car (Word version, 766kb)

Balloon_car_extra_activities (Word version 171 kb) ... Extra activities to try.

Bloodhound__balloon_car_template  (pdf format, 1Mb) to print onto card and produce a car like the one above:


See here for this template in use at the Imagineering fair at Stoneleigh