The Bloodhound Project Events Diary

The BLOODHOUND Engineering Adventure will have a presence at the following public events:


Event News Wilton House Classic Supercar Event 2014

When: Sunday 10th August, 9am-5pm
Where: Wilton House, Wilton, Salisbury, SP2 0BJ

BLOODHOUND SSC are delighted to support Castrol at the 2014 Wilton Classic Supercar event, 10th August 2014. Now in its sixth year, WCS continues to combine the elegance and beauty of some of the world’s rarest classic cars, alongside some of the most desirable supercars ever produced.

While exhibiting the 135,000 thrust hp racing car, Castrol invite you to come and ask their engineers about the BLOODHOUND project and how, by using state of the art Castrol products during testing and record attempts, they are supporting BLOODHOUND in its quest to break the 1,228kmh land speed record held by Andy Green at the helm of Thrust SSC in 1997.

The BLOODHOUND full size replica car will be on display alongside the new interactive modular car showing some of the engineering going on inside this unique vehicle.  Richard Noble and some of the team will be on hand to tell you more about this ultimate engineering adventure.

For more information www.wiltonclassicsupercar.co.uk