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2nd October - Newquay Blog

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Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

Tuesday 2nd October

The Newquay rocket test site is almost ready for 400 people who arrive tomorrow for the big day.

Three Hardened Aircraft Shelters, or HAS, are having the final touches done to them. The Rocket HAS, pictured above has tha 'main attraction' - the 18 inch Falcon Hybrif Rocket connected to the HTP tank by the Cosworth engine driving the fuel pump.

The Reception HAS, pictured right where the guests will be met and given the introduction to the Bloodhound project and can see the various displays.

The Control HAS below will be the nerve centre for the event. The guests will be there to witness first hand the Bloodhound Rocket engineers as they carry out the biggest rocket test in the UK for many years.

The dress reheasal went ahead this afternoon - the Cosworth was heard revving to 18,000 rpm, as we watched the dials live on the screens in the Control HAS. The rocket didn't fire this time - the trial was pumping de-ionised water for this test, but everything looked good for tomorrow. The picture below shows the engineers at their control centre.

The event will be streamed live on this website (at www.bloodhoundssc.com/rocket) - our Networking and Video Partner Cisco have set up their control desk too (below) ... virtually a full TV studio ... in a feezing cold HAS!! Don't miss it tomorrow

Nick Chapman, 2nd October