The Bloodhound Project BLOODHOUND Education teams with Oracle Academy

BLOODHOUND Education teams with Oracle Academy

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Thursday, 5 October, 2017

BLOODHOUND Education teams with Oracle Academy

Collaboration aims to inspire 3.5 million students worldwide into pursuing STEM careers


3 October 2017

Oracle Academy is joining forces with BLOODHOUND Education to connect the Academy’s computer science curriculum with the technology behind the BLOODHOUND Project. Two BLOODHOUND-themed projects, designed to help students build engineering knowledge, data analysis and Java programming skills, will be made available to classrooms and computing clubs in 120 countries, with the aim of inspiring up to 3.5 million students.

Extending the partnership

Earlier this year, BLOODHOUND selected Oracle Cloud to collect, analyse and broadcast data from more than 500 real-time sensors installed on the Car to classrooms around the world. This information will give students a detailed look at how technology is rocketing the world’s fastest land vehicle towards 1,000mph, as well as providing BLOODHOUND engineers with valuable data to continually optimise the Car’s performance.

This new collaboration will introduce new content and data from the BLOODHOUND Project into Oracle Academy's Alice and Greenfoot workshops. The Alice-based project challenges students to create an animated virtual version of the BLOODHOUND Team’s desert camp. In the Greenfoot-based project, students will learn how to adjust the engineering variables of the Car’s design and test their impact on its speed.

Training teachers and delivering resources

Over the next three years, Oracle Academy will train 150 of BLOODHOUND’s volunteer teachers on Alice and Greenfoot, enabling them to effectively integrate these learning tools into their STEM curricula and help students build coding skills. These resources and trainings will also be freely available to teachers worldwide, as part of Oracle Academy’s mission to advance computer science education globally.

“Students still need a strong base in maths and physics, but this is a digital world and it’s equally important that they develop a taste for computer skills if they are to thrive in the modern workforce,” said Chris Fairhead, BLOODHOUND Education’s chairman.

“Through our alliance with Oracle Academy, we have added this crucial piece of the puzzle to our education programme and are already seeing a great deal of interest from the teachers and schools we work with.”

Alison Derbenwick Miller, Oracle Academy vice president, is hugely enthusiastic about the collaboration. “At Oracle Academy, we are thrilled to team with the BLOODHOUND Education Programme and bring the excitement of the BLOODHOUND supersonic car to the 3.5 million students we reach yearly,” she said.

“We look forward to furthering our collaboration with the BLOODHOUND Education Programme, and advancing our commitment to prepare students for college and career-readiness in the 21st century.”

Further information

For more information visit Oracle Academy’s Facebook and Twitter.