The Bloodhound Project Build a rocket boys and play it loud

Build a rocket boys and play it loud

Project News
Saturday, 29 September, 2012

We’re making good progress through the job list, and the rig-build is almost complete,  the deluge frame is back in its final position, so now it’s time to connect it up to the control HAS #6.  Unfortunately the weather has saturated the land around the HAS, and the ‘pig tails’ are just leaning over, draping the cables on the ground (in places).  We’ve been on rabbit watch, and so far not seen any sign that the cable could look like lunch.  The backup plan is to simply keep an eye on the cables and ‘walk the line’ to do a visual check before testing.
With most of the mechanical work near completion in HAS#7,  HAS #3,6 are being prepared for the visitors.  All the kit arrived for ‘dressing’ the HAS, with work to install the media cameras, exhibition material and show car to start over the weekend.  Other less glamorous jobs needed to be done, and the communal toilet has been ‘refreshed’.
With all good party planning, it’s always best to involve the neighbors and inform them of any potential noise.  The only business near to us that will face any disruption during the test are in HAS #1,2.  They build full scale model aircraft for displays and film sets, and were the team that built James Mays ‘Airfix’ Spitfire.  We’ve invited them to the sponsor’s area, partly to ensure safety, but also to thank them for downing tools for a few hours.
Having spent a few weeks in Cornwall, Chalet Chez Bloodhound has learned that there is more to the area than clichés, although the story of a traditional pasty is quite interesting.  Cornwall also has its own history in rocketry, and the invention of the ship-shore rocket line came from Henry Trengrouse, of Helston.   Variants of this safety line are still use today.
If you haven’t yet seen the new Bloodhound rocket video, I recommend buying a beer and clicking here.
Dan Johns, 28th Sept 2012