The Bloodhound Project Burp testing BLOODHOUND's air intake

Burp testing BLOODHOUND's air intake

Cisco BHTV
Monday, 3 November, 2014

To deliver the 9 tonnes of thrust, BLOODHOUND's EJ200 jet engine sucks in 64,000ltrs of air each second. That would empty an average sized house in 3 seconds!

When BLOODHOUND is blasting down the South African desert, air will be rammed into the URT manufactured carbon composite air intake. In the unlikely event the engine where to 'surge' or burp, air would be forced back up the intake and if it wasn't strong enough to hold the pressures, it could burst, with serious consequences.  So the engineers had to make sure it was up to the job. But how do you test it without testing to destruction? You need a balloon and some very accurate Straintek strain gauges.

Original music by Al Lethbridge