The Bloodhound Project micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition – Season Two

micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition – Season Two

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Thursday, 21 July, 2016

The micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition – Season Two

After an amazing level of inspirational engagement for thousands of young people across the UK, in our first ever national micro:bit rocket car competition, we have great pleasure in announcing that we are now taking registrations for season two!

This competition will be open to all 7 – 16-year-olds. Schools, Clubs & Youth Organisations are welcome.


Register your school to race in the 2016/17 micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition by Friday October 14th to receive FREE rocket car kits for each team.  


Over 10,000 teams designed, built and raced model rocket cars in Season One of the competition at speeds of up to 60mph. We saw hundreds of innovative designs, from the whacky racers to the truly inspired.

We recommend students immerse themselves in BLOODHOUND Blast, our interactive learning platform. Here they can explore the engineering and science behind the 1,000mph jet and rocket powered racing car. Discovering why the engineers made the wheels with a V-shaped keel and what the advantages are of a pointy nose over a wedge shape.

Teams will be invited to race their rocket cars at their regional Hub. The quickest Team from each Hub will go through to the National Finals, where they’ll battle it out to be crowned the fastest in the UK. Use our interactive map to find your local hub, we have 100 spread across the country.