The Bloodhound Project Newquay Blog - Tuesday 25th September

Newquay Blog - Tuesday 25th September

Project News
Wednesday, 26 September, 2012

After a visit to stock up with more anchor bolts and food we arrived at the airfield 0830hrs.  We have 3 HAS buildings to prepare to support the test along with all the visitors.  The firing will be in HAS #7, where most of this week’s activity is concentrated preparing the rig, HAS#6 will be the control room to run the test, and HAS #3 will be our visitors center.      Cable runs between HAS #7 and HAS #6 have started.  The first task is to install the ‘pig tails’ to elevate the cables so the rabbits can’t chew them.

The truck arrives to deliver the rocket, plus other items like the EJ200 jet.  With all the visitors joining us next week we can showcase the all the engines with the show car.  It will be interesting to look at the show car but also hear the rocket firing at the same time. 

Work continues around the rig and the deluge frame needs beams to span the truss to carry the water pipes.  Fabrication of the beams and end fittings are nearly complete, with just the final lift into position over the test rig to check access clearance for loading the rocket into the firing position.
Overall the preparation work is going well.  Most of the fabrication and mechanical work is complete, so all the control and support systems can now be installed and tested.    The big job tomorrow is to install the rocket and have the HTP training for the refueling.   We managed to find a local tool hire company who kindly donated the trestles’ to help with the loading, and a local electrical supplier for bags of connectors.
The Mexican at ‘Chalet Chez Bloodhound’ was great, but last night was ‘Buy One Get One Free’ (BOG-OF) from the local pizza take away.  The cook-off challenge is on hold.


Dan Johns, 25th Sept 2012