The Bloodhound Project Servo Interconnect Ltd becomes Product Sponsor for BLOODHOUND

Servo Interconnect Ltd becomes Product Sponsor for BLOODHOUND

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Wednesday, 5 November, 2008

Trevor Jenkins from Servo Interconnect Ltd came to visit us at UWE on the 27th October 2008, to discuss a project requirement for some Deutsch motorsports connectors.

The connectors are needed by Dr John Davis, the man heading up the build of BLOODHOUND SSC’s control systems. Dr Davis is in the process of connecting up the new HTP (High Test Peroxide) pump interface electronic control systems on the APU rig. This work is in preparation for the test firing of the full size Falcon project rocket.

We ran through the project in detail, and Trevor, who is General Manager at the Kent-based connector assembly and distribution business, committed to Servo Interconnect becoming a Product Sponsor for BLOODHOUND SSC and providing us with what we needed to meet Dr Davis’s immediate requirement, to complete the APU rig pump interface control system wiring.

The order of Deutsch motorsports connectors was rapidly assembled and delivered to us very quickly. Many thanks again to Trevor and all the team at Servo Interconnect for their rapid response.