The Bloodhound Project Swagelok takes supersonic learning to the US

Swagelok takes supersonic learning to the US

Education News
Friday, 28 April, 2017

The BLOODHOUND Project has its first certified Ambassadors in the US, thanks to a two-year labour of love to deliver BLOODHOUND-based inspiration to children in Ohio, courtesy of sponsors Swagelok Company and Swagelok Bristol.

Associates of The BLOODHOUND Project sponsors Swagelok Company and Swagelok Bristol have been collaborating with the Hudson City School District in Ohio to help teachers and administrators assess how the district could integrate BLOODHOUND content into a STEM curriculum, while still incorporating State of Ohio teaching standards and requirements.

“We examined the BLOODHOUND STEM content through the lens of project-based learning and then reflected on what essential questions could be posed to incorporate the content,” says Christina Wooley, PK-12 curriculum coordinator, Hudson City School District.

District representatives started assessing the options in 2015 and concluded that piloting the use of BLOODHOUND lessons would work best at the fourth grade level, among students aged 9 and 10 years old.

Hudson hosts first BLOODHOUND-based lessons in the US

Hudson is the first school district in the US to formally add BLOODHOUND lessons to its curriculums. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, two teams of fourth-grade teachers have integrated BLOODHOUND-themed lessons across a range of subjects, including: earth, physical and life sciences; physics; chemistry; language arts; social studies; and English.

“We are so grateful to Swagelok for bringing Hudson students this inspirational learning opportunity,” observes Phil Herman, superintendent, Hudson City School District. “I’ve seen first-hand how our students light up with enthusiasm when they’re solving a STEM challenge tied to BLOODHOUND.”

Later this month, the students will be treated to an event that perfectly concludes their BLOODHOUND studies for the year. They will design, build and race BLOODHOUND model rocket cars, the first time this has happened anywhere in the US.

“The races by East Woods School fourth graders in Hudson will be a profound moment for everyone involved with BLOODHOUND,” notes Mike Ford, an event lead on the BLOODHOUND Education Team. “The hard work of the staff and teachers in Hudson and Swagelok associates is paying off. Students are being inspired about engineering and all the STEM subjects.”

Swagelok spawns first US-based BLOODHOUND Ambassadors

Swagelok’s ambition to inspire students about STEM topics and engineering careers – which may then give them the opportunity to become future Swagelok engineers – helped fuel an effort to establish a BLOODHOUND Ambassador programme at the company earlier this year. Fourteen Swagelok associates, including representatives from every corporate function, were nominated by company leaders to take part in official Ambassador training in January.

Swagelok hosted Ambassador training, led by Mike Ford, which included its 14 nominated associates plus 26 representatives of four different area school districts: Hudson, Highland Local School District, Revere Local School District and Stow-Monroe Falls City Schools. Going forward, the newly trained Swagelok BLOODHOUND Ambassadors will help Swagelok’s communications and human resources departments expand Swagelok’s community relations and STEM outreach efforts. It also makes Swagelok the first company in the US to have certified BLOODHOUND Ambassadors.