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Timing statement

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Monday, 2 October, 2017


It is our ambition to go to South Africa as soon as technology, track conditions and funding allow. As things currently stand we will not be deploying in 2018.

The car is coming together well and the team is excited about running it in front of a global audience at Newquay on October 26th.  Once we complete the Newquay trials, attention will focus on completing the development of the rocket that will be used, in conjunction with the EJ200 jet engine, to power BLOODHOUND SSC to a new World Land Speed Record.   How quickly we can complete this work depends not only on funding but also on the availability of rocket engineers and test facilities - both unknown at this time.

The track at Hakskeenpan is in superb condition, with comparatively little work left to do to prepare it for record breaking.  In planning our visit to South Africa weather is a factor we have to consider, as Hakskeenpan is a registered watercourse that can flood for extended periods between the months of November and April.

We need to raise the funds to complete the car to desert-standard, complete with rocket system, and to mount a two to three month international logistic and desert campaign.  Oracle recently joined the project and we will be announcing another international brand partnership ahead of the Newquay test, so good progress is being made on the sponsorship front.  We have a number of other large deals under discussion so we expect to have more good news to follow soon.  Public support, meanwhile, is stronger than ever, as evidenced by the thousands of people purchasing tickets to watch the car run at Newquay over the period 26th-30th October.