The Bloodhound Project Upper chassis bake

Upper chassis bake

Picture of the Week
Tuesday, 2 December, 2014

Members of the BLOODHOUND Build Team load the upper chassis into the giant Autoclave at the National Composites Centre. This is a huge pressure cooker that is used to cure the glue that, along with 11,500 aerospace rivets, holds the titanium skin to the aluminium ribs.

Temperature is raised by 5°C per min, the chassis is baked at 175°C for one hour and allowed to cool overnight. The chassis is strong enough to handle the incredible loads the chassis will see (12 tonnes per square metre air pressure and 9 tonnes of thrust from the EJ200 jet engine) with either glue or rivets alone, both make it doubly strong.

Pic credit for above, David Tuffs. For below, Stefan Marjoram