The Bloodhound Project URT to build Bloodhound SSC monocoque

URT to build Bloodhound SSC monocoque

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Wednesday, 21 November, 2012

URT Group has been announced as a technical partner in the ground breaking Bloodhound SSC (Supersonic Car) project. URT will construct the carbon fibre monocoque safety cell and seat for the land speed record vehicle, which is designed to reach speeds of 1,000mph.
This project will call on URT’s experience of developing and manufacturing safety-critical composite crash structures for a previous land speed record breaker, the JCB Dieselmax, as well as race cars and military vehicles.
URT Founding Director, Matt Cox, said: “We are extremely proud to be involved in one of the most ambitious engineering projects in automotive history.”
Construction of the Bloodhound components will employ five dedicated URT engineers and is expected to take 1200 hours to complete.
The Bloodhound SSC project is led by previous land speed record holder, Richard Noble OBE, whose Thrust 2 car achieved 633mph in 1983.  Bloodhound SSC will be driven by current land speed record holder, Andy Green OBE, who in 1997 piloted Thrust SSC, the first car to break the sound barrier, at 763mph.
In summer 2013, Bloodhound SSC will take to a dry lakebed track in South Africa, where it will aim to break the current land speed record. In 2014 Bloodhound SSC will attempt to become the first car to reach 1,000mph.

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