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Workshop update

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Friday, 20 January, 2017

As the Team continues to work on BLOODHOUND, parts for the Car keep rolling into the workshop at our Technical Centre.

One of the parts delivered recently was the pitot tube adapter, for the pitot tube that is located on the tailfin. A pitot tube measures the pressure of the liquid flowing against it. They are widely used to measure the air speed of aircraft and water speed for boats. Ours will tell us how fast the Car is going when it is running.

The front disc bells have also arrived, having been ‘chemi blacked’. These connect the brake discs to the hubs on the wheels. (Chemi blacking is a cold chemical process that produces a protective surface to reduce corrosion and increase the lifespan of the component.)

Upper chassis

Christmas came early for BLOODHOUND! After the workshop team finished the external preparation of the upper chassis, it was marked up ready to be painted and then moved onto the Manufax/Nelson Tool Co. fixture for transport.

Thanks to AkzoNobel, 3M and Paint by Simon, the upper chassis now has its racing colours of BLOODHOUND blue and orange (see top of the page), and it looks simply stunning!

AMAD testing

Following the successful test of the jet fuel systems last month, the next step is the sign off of the ‘jet start systems’.

Some of this will include testing the jet start kart, the AMAD gearbox and the avionics – all of which will be used for starting up the EJ200 jet engine.

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