The Bloodhound Project Workshop update - February 2017

Workshop update - February 2017

Project news
Monday, 27 February, 2017

During the last month the team at the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre has continued to make progress on the Car and the equipment needed to go with it.

Fixing the floor

Updates to the floor mounting scheme based on a revised design meant that some of the existing mounting holes needed to be welded up and new ones drilled and countersunk ready for riveting.

Marco has been working on this, having completed the mounting of the skins to the side titanium skins. His skill of hand is great to watch and he has done a supreme job, to the point where it’s hard to see where the changes have been made.

Jet ready

Building on the successful jet fuel tests, the systems engineers have been working on how we will start the EJ200 jet engine. They completed the ‘jet start procedure’ and followed that with testing of the AMAD gearbox, which produces the AC and DC on-board power.

Next steps are to make the electronics more robust to protect them from vibration and the driver interface. This will define the inputs that driver Andy Green will see on his cockpit dashboard. 

And more…

Other developments include:

  • Technicians Rupert and Dave have been trial fitting the rockers and pull rods to the front suspension sub-assembly (aka the goat’s head) and components for the steering mechanism.
  • Work experience student Zara has been helping to ‘alochrome’ parts for the high test peroxide (HTP) tank. Alochrome is applied to aluminium to help prevent corrosion. 
  • Engineers have been looking at the thermal protection requirements for equipment in the lower chassis.