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Newsletter BLOODHOUND Newsletter - April 2017

Friday, 7 April, 2017


We have an update on when the Car will run in the UK and South Africa, plus the latest news about the Car from the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre (BTC). There are also details of Rocket Car Experience events and an Open Day at the BTC, when you can come and see the Car and meet the Team.

Newsletter BLOODHOUND Newsletter - March 2017

Wednesday, 1 March, 2017


We have an update on the Car build and how you can find out more about it in our new video series. There’s also an invitation to our next Open House day and details of how you can hold your own event at the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre.

Newsletter BLOODHOUND Newsletter - January 2017

Monday, 23 January, 2017


A belated Happy New Year from the BLOODHOUND Team! We have lots of news from the Project this month, including progress on the Car and flooding in the desert in South Africa. The first of a new series of videos is available to show you how the Car works. And finally, how about visiting us at the Technical Centre? Read on to find out how…

Newsletter BLOODHOUND Newsletter - December 2016

Wednesday, 14 December, 2016


In the last month we’ve made great progress on the Car and continued to take the BLOODHOUND story out to schools and colleges – and to India.

Newsletter BLOODHOUND Newsletter - October/November 2016

Tuesday, 1 November, 2016


In the last month we’ve announced a new lead sponsor and our Race for the Line competition has appeared on the BBC. We also have news of exciting job opportunities at the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre for engineers with a range of skills, so you could join our Team and be part of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Newsletter BLOODHOUND Newsletter - September 2016

Sunday, 25 September, 2016


News of a major announcement and BLOODHOUND disassembled