The Bloodhound Project The BLOODHOUND Project

The BLOODHOUND Project is a global Engineering Adventure, using a 1,000mph World Land Speed Record attempt to inspire the next generation to enjoy, explore and get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


The Project has a number of objectives:

  • Inspire the next generation about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Share an iconic research and development programme with a global audience.
  • Set a new World Land Speed Record of 1,000mph.

Mission statement

Create a unique, high-technology project, focused around a 1,000mph World Land Speed Record attempt. Share this Engineering Adventure with a global audience and inspire the next generation by bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life in the most exciting way possible.

Project News BLOODHOUND to make record attempt Q4 2019

Wednesday, 16 May, 2018


BLOODHOUND Project announces revised dates for 500mph runs in South Africa.

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Innovation at 1,000mph

The 1,000mph BLOODHOUND SSC is not just the world's most powerful land vehicle - its a research platform helping innovators test new ideas in data, communications and AI.

Bloodhound Project

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Andy Green’s Diary – April 2018

After several months of sitting on its runway wheels, BLOODHOUND SSC is now back up on blocks, with the wheels and brakes removed and stripped down, as we prepare to fit the desert running gear.

There are 2 bits of good news from stripping down the Car’s runway suspension. The technical good news is that everything has worked exactly as we expected, easily coping with extremes of temperature (up to 1000 deg C for the carbon disc brakes) and high loads (several tonnes through each of the ‘pull rods’ that connect the suspension uprights to the coil-and damper units).