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This event is now over. Thank you for joining us!

We will add more information about the Newquay 2017 event and runs in this section of the website soon.

Newquay 2017

This October, you can watch history in the making when BLOODHOUND SSC will make its first ever runs, achieving speeds of up to 200mph. Join us at Cornwall Airport Newquay on 26, 28 and 30 October for this historic event.

Since the BLOODHOUND Project's inception in 2008, the Team have been working hard to create a vehicle that will reach a new World Land Speed Record of 1,000mph. The event in Newquay is a huge step towards realising this goal.

What will happen at Newquay

Enjoy a fantastic day out and be one of the first in the world to see, hear and feel BLOODHOUND SSC blast down the 1.7 mile runway at Cornwall Airport Newquay as Wing Commander Andy Green, current holder of the World Land Speed Record, attempts to achieve speeds of 200mph.

There will be three separate event days:

  • VIP Day for invited guests and 1K Club Gold members - Thursday 26 October
  • Public Day - Saturday 28 October
  • Education Day - Monday 30 October

On Saturday 28 October we welcome the public to join us in seeing the Car run. Kicking off at 10am, we have an action-packed schedule including interactive zones, driving simulators, team interviews, vehicle demonstrations and a range of family friendly activities. You can meet BLOODHOUND’s fantastic sponsors and enjoy first class Cornish refreshments onsite throughout the day. 

By buying a ticket you’re helping to fund the Project and witness a unique moment in history. 

Find out about activities at Newquay on event days.

Buy tickets to see BLOODHOUND SSC run at Newquay.

Why are we running the Car at Newquay?

“The runway trials at Cornwall Airport Newquay will be the biggest milestone in the history of the project so far,” says Richard Noble, BLOODHOUND’s project director. “They will provide important data on the performance of the Car and give us a first opportunity to rehearse the procedures we’ll use when we go record breaking.”

Find out more about what the Team will be doing at Newquay and why the 200mph runs are vital to the Project.

Join us at Newquay

We welcome speed enthusiasts, local residents and visitors from across the globe to join us in making history at #Newquay2017. BLOODHOUND is Go!

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More information

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