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Andy Green


Day Job

I have the World’s Best day job, as a Fighter Pilot in the Royal Air Force. I was sponsored through Oxford University by the Royal Air Force (where I gained a love of flying, a First in Mathematics and the chance to row for the University).  Three years later, qualified as a Fighter Pilot, I was lucky enough to fly the F4 Phantom in Germany at the end of the Cold War. My final flying tours were on the Tornado F3, which included service over Bosnia, Iraq and the Falklands. Since then I’ve spent a year in Australia at Staff College, supported UK operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and run the Harrier airfield at Royal Air Force Wittering. I’m currently working in the Royal Air Force Headquarters, supporting operations around the globe, and wishing I was still flying....

Holiday Job

I also have the World’s Best holiday job, working as part of a Land Speed Record team. In 1997 I drove Thrust SSC to the current World Record of 763 mph.  To this day, Thrust SSC remains the world’s first and only supersonic Record Car – but we’re working to change that. I was also lucky enough to get involved with the JCB DIESELMAX project, which aimed to find out how fast we could go with a pair of digger engines in close formation. The answer, in August 2006, was 350 mph, making a JCB the fastest diesel car in the world. Like Thrust SSC, the DIESELMAX project was a great statement about the quality, innovation and expertise of British engineering – and I am proud to have been able to help with both.

Other Interests

Chairman of the Royal Air Force Cresta team, Yachtmaster, aerobatic pilot (sadly, my flying is only at weekends now, and at my own expense), Harley rider, skydiver – the usual stuff to keep me entertained when I’m not at work or involved with a record car.

I have the best wife in the world. Emma is an eye specialist and is fully supportive of all the unusual things I get up to in my spare time. When we met in 2007 she had never even heard of the World Land Speed Record. That’s changed!

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Andy Green’s Diary – July 2014

Thursday, 31 July, 2014

We got a chance to show off all our progress this month to one of our long-term supporters. HRH Prince Philip has been a keen follower of the Land Speed Record since the Thrust SSC days, so it was a great pleasure to welcome him to the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre to see our latest efforts. He lived up to his reputation for being great fun as well as very quick on technical details



  • Andy Green introduces HRH Prince Michael of Kent to the team

    Farnborough July 2010
  • Andy Green at the Autosport Show 2012

    Stefan Marjoram
  • Andy Green in Edinburgh

    Stefan Marjoram
  • Prince Michael of Kent meets Andy Green

    Farnborough July 2010