The Bloodhound Project Mark Elvin

Mark Elvin

Engineering Lead - Mechanical Design


From a very young age I can remember having a real interest in motorsport, many hours spent on a Sunday afternoon watching the likes of Lauda, Hunt & Ickx doing battle & I harboured a wish to get involved in motorsport, but after leaving school in 1989 with very average GCSE results I started thinking this was just a pipe dream.
After a year at sixth from college a  I was offered 4 year aircraft technicians apprenticeship at Westland Helicopters at their Weston-Super-Mare site, which upon completion lead to me being offered a permanent position with GKN Westland Design as a detail design engineer.
I left Westland Design early in 1999 to work for the Williams F1 team as a design engineer where I became involved in many areas of the car design including electrical systems installation, hydraulics, cockpit archtecture & aero test equipment. After five fantastic years the arrival of two small people in the Elvin household ment I needed to take a job that was less demanding on my time, so I left to spend two years designing  special purpose vehicles, including race car transporters, race team hospitality units & mobile radio studios for Radio 1.
In 2006 I joined Invensys Rail as a Senior Design engineer & was spent a large part of my time there developing a new points operating machine, but after 6 years I was feeling the need for an exciting job once again, this is where Bloodhound comes in, it's a fantastic project, and aside from hopefully breaking the landspeed record it will inspire many of todays school children into looking at engineering & science as exciting careers.
In my spare time I enjoy swimming, cycling & being a taxi to my two daughters!!!!

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