Wednesday, 3 October, 2012

Rocket Test completed – see report


Countdown to the rocket firing …


2 October 2012: Newquay blog

The Bloodhound HAS’s go through their final preparations and rehearsals ready for the rocket firing tomorrow.


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28 September 2012: Newquay blog

Latest from the preparations at Newquay – the rig-build is almost complete and the deluge frame is back in its final position, so now it’s time to connect it up to the control HAS #6.


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27 September 2012 – Newquay blog

The Rocket team down at Newquay are pushing on with their preparations; having now assembled the rocket, they undergo yet more safety training and have set up the water deluge rig.

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27 September 2012: New video released

We’ve just released a fantastic new video showing the rocket working in great detail.

Go here, switch to full screen and turn the volume up!!

25 September 2012: Newquay blog

“We have 3 HAS buildings to prepare to support the test along with all the visitors. The firing will be in HAS #7, where most of this week’s activity is concentrated preparing the rig, HAS#6 will be the control room to run the test, and HAS #3 will be our visitors center. Cable runs between HAS #7 and HAS #6 have started. The first task is to install the ‘pig tails’ to elevate the cables so the rabbits can’t chew them….”


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24 September 2012: Newquay Blog


The Bloodhound SSC Rocket test team have arrived in Newquay for the final preparations. Read the first of their blogs here

11 September 2012: Bloodhound Rocket test announced

The firing of the biggest rocket in Britain for some 20 years will take place next month at the Aerohub, Newquay Cornwall Airport.

The hybrid rocket is being developed for the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car, which will attempt to reach 1,000mph (1,610Km/h) in 2014.

Newquay Airport is one of the few UK locations equipped to handle the test.

The Bloodhound team will conduct a number of experiments leading up to a high-power firing on 3 October.

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