The Bloodhound Project "The British are Coming" Book

"The British are Coming" Book

"The British are Coming: A look at British Record Breaking and the people that made it happen" by Mike Varndell.

The British are Coming is a large format landscape hard-back volume of 360 pages packed with hundreds of previously unpublished monochrome and colour images of Britain's land and water speed record kings, depicting the exploits of Parry Thomas, Henry Segrave, Malcolm Campbell, Kaye Don, George Eyston, John Cobb, Donald Campbell, Richard Noble through to Andy Green.

The author focuses on first-hand accounts by the speed legends themselves, or key team members. The photographs, however, take centre stage and say all that needs to be said about these courageous high-speed quests, and there are some real gems. As you would expect, there are photos of the drivers piloting their vehicles to British and World records, but that is not what this book is all about;. the reader has a chance to see behind the scenes, from the designers of the vehicle, to the engineers who build the vehicle, and more importantly the mechanics that work tirelessly to see the vehicles that they have come to understand pushed to their limits, beyond what it considered to be possible.


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