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Aish Technologies Limited

Aish Technologies Limited, formerly Aish &Co, was formed around the turn of the 20th century. Initially focused on shore-based electrical switch gear and sub stations, throughout the mid-20th century Aish gained a prestigious reputation for designing and manufacturing naval control panels, transformers and wiring looms. From the 1970’s Aish became involved in a number of electronics systems, including Engineer Order Telegraph Systems, Compass Retransmission Units and, notably, Versatile Console Systems (VCS) units and consoles, which provided machinery control, communications and navigation in a common physical format for the Royal Navy’s (and other navies’) latest vessels. It was also during this period that Aish developed the initial production system of its world-beating Low Signature Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) System, fitted to the Royal Navy’s Vanguard Class submarines.