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Bott and BLOODHOUND SSC host an inspiring educational event at Bude manufacturing site.

As a company, Bott prides itself on supporting projects determined to push the boundaries of science engineering, technology and manufacturing in the effort to create something truly exceptional. Bloodhound SSC's goal of building a supersonic car that will beat the land speed record is undoubtedly one such project, making their visit to our Bude facility on Friday 26th September a cause for great excitement.

Bloodhound's replica of their supersonic car arrived on Thursday morning and following a visit from Stratton Primary School's year 6 pupils in the afternoon, the stage was set at the Bott factory for a truly memorable event.

The following morning, Bude Junior School's year 6 pupils arrived and after a presentation from Tony Parraman about the Bloodhound project, they were given a tour of the Bott facility, followed by the chance to emulate the Bloodhound team and create a balloon powered car to compete in the afternoon's race. The highlight of the morning came at the very end of the visit, when the pupils were given the chance to see Bloodhound's model rocket car in action.

Clive Woodward, CEO of Bott Ltd said "The Bloodhound team are showing what can be achieved when you combine passion, determination and focus, and in doing so, inspiring the next generation of engineers. As a successful engineering company, Bott share these values and we're delighted to showcase the project with schools in our local community."

Bott's staff were then given the chance to see the Bloodhound presentation, followed by the chance for a lucky few to race a balloon car, with Sales advisor Laura Burman clinching a narrow victory. After a second demonstration of the model rocket car, staff members and their families were given a chance to examine the Bloodhound car for themselves.

The event with Bloodhound was a huge success and as well as giving Bott staff a chance to see what their hard work has helped create, we hope we have inspired some of the pupils that visited to pursue careers in science and engineering.


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