The Bloodhound Project Founder Sponsors

Founder Sponsors have been with the project since its inception in 2008, providing enough support to do the ground-breaking research that allowed us to announce the project to the world in October 2008. They have not only contributed products and services, but have also helped the project financially in return for their logo on the side of the car, both virtually on this and other websites and physically on the full-sized and scale models that we show around the country, together with the right to call themselves a BLOODHOUND Founder Sponsor and use BLOODHOUND in their own promotions.

The BLOODHOUND Founder Sponsors:

Swansea University is proud to be part of the BLOODHOUND team.  Our work on computer fluid dynamics (CFD) is at the heart of research on the design and aerodynamics of the 1000 mph car.

Swansea University - innovation and engineering

Swansea University is a world-class research-led dual campus university. Its main base, Singleton Park Campus, is located on a beautiful 47 acre parkland estate and its brand new £450 million Bay Campus , which opened to students in September 2015, is based on the beach on the eastern side of Swansea city centre.


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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s (EPSRC) goal is to ensure the UK remains world-leading in science and engineering, and that this expertise helps to improve our quality of life, our economic prosperity, and tackles the emerging global challenges we face.

As the main Government agency for funding in this area, we invest around £800m a year in research and training, including support for more than 9,000 PhD students...

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Serco is an international services business with an annual turnover of around £3bn and over 40,000 employees worldwide. We work with governments to manage a wide range of public services.

These services touch almost everyone’s life since we work across a very wide range of public services markets including defence, transport, health, education, civil government, technology and scientific research.

Our passion is about delivering the best quality and most efficient services.
This means we cannot be complacent. We must always be looking for better ways to manage things, new technologies and ways to innovate. This is what excites us about BLOODHOUND SSC.

Not only has the National Physical Laboratory, which is one...

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UWE Bristol (University of the West of England) is a university that believes in partnership to the benefit of the student and staff experience. It sees The BLOODHOUND Project as an ideal way of creating opportunities for its staff and students as well as being an inspirational engineering project.

UWE became involved with The BLOODHOUND Project very early on when Dr John Lanham, Head of Department of Design & Engineering assisted John Piper, The BLOODHOUND Project’s Chief Engineer, establish a base at UWE for the early design work and access to UWE resources. Subsequently UWE has produced the scale model of the car for the launch.

The early construction of the initial full sized mock up of BLOODHOUND SSC will also...

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The BLOODHOUND Project has remarkable synergy with founder sponsor and premier engine fuel additive brand STP, whose major backing of World Land Speed Record holders in the barnstorming days of the ‘50s and 60s at Bonneville, USA, contributed to STP’s heritage, fame and current pre-eminence worldwide.

Indeed, 2009 will mark the 50th anniversary of STP’s first forays into World Land Speed Record sponsorships, when the likes of Athol Graham, and brothers Art and Walt Arfons, time and again ran the salt flats in their bid to grasp the title of the fastest man on earth.

With that title now proudly resting with Britain’s Andy Green, whose supersonic Land Speed Record soared to 763.035mph in October 1997, The BLOODHOUND Project...

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