The Bloodhound Project Guyson International Limited

Guyson International Limited

Guyson International Limited is the largest independent manufacturer of blast finishing, spray washing and ultrasonic cleaning equipment in Europe and supplies a worldwide customer base. Formed in 1938, over 75 years ago, the company is registered to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007.
Comprehensive ranges of automatic, robotically controlled and manual blast cabinet systems are available to suit all production situations. Specialist applications include surface treatment of medical implants, shot peening of turbine blades and surface preparation of components such as cutting tools, to improve coating adhesion, prior to PVD coating.

Ultrasonic equipment includes bench top baths for laboratory, medical and light industrial use and ultrasonic cleaning tanks for industrial use. Microsolve systems for precision cleaning in wide range of sectors including electronics, optics, aerospace and defence, as well as multi-stage aqueous ultrasonic systems for specialised cleaning of components such as medical implants, hard disk drives, diamonds, optics etc.

Also available are a range of aqueous spray wash equipment including conveyorised tunnel washers, rotary basket washers, a PCB stencil cleaner and a compact high impact hot aqueous spray washer designed for the workshop. Full product and application information for all equipment is available on the Guyson website. Guyson International Ltd, through its specialist Hose & Couplings Division, is also the manufacturer of Kaptech hose assemblies and the UK distributor for the full range Hansen and Gromelle couplings.

Guyson have donated one of its premier industrial quality Euroblast 6SF blast cabinets, including a C400 dust collector equipped with explosion relief and vertical ducting, for use in the group's workshop for the preparation of titanium, aluminium and composite parts prior to bonding. The cabinet is specially fitted with cut outs on both sides of the cabinet, to allow longer two and a half metre titanium pieces to be blasted periodically in the same cabinet. The cut outs allow the longer pieces to be passed through the cabinet for blasting and blanking plates are fitted over the side cut outs when the machine is used as a normal blast cabinet.

Additionally, for all-purpose precision cleaning of components, the BLOODHOUND SSC project will use a Guyson KS1500 ultrasonic cleaning tank. This 316L polished stainless steel tank has an effective working capacity of 117 litres, with internal tank dimensions of 450mm breadth by 650mm wide. Guyson's "Kerry" branded ultrasonic tanks have been designed to achieve optimum cleaning results using aqueous solutions. Ultrasonic transducers bonded to the tank base provide high performance and reliability together with uniform distribution of the ultrasonic energy.