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iX Cameras’ contribution to the Bloodhound Project:

iX Cameras design, manufacture and sells the World-leading i-SPEED range of high-speed video cameras from its UK facility in Rochford, Essex.  The UK-based Engineering team is delighted to be involved and contributing in it’s own way to the Bloodhound Project with a view to inspiring the next generation of Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians.

The i-SPEED cameras record fast moving events at very fast frame rates and allow for slow-motion replay, enabling users to conduct extremely detailed motion analysis (or just watch how amazing fast stuff looks in slow motion!).  The i-SPEED cameras are being extensively used by Daniel Jubb of the Falcon Project rocket team - from calculating the ignition time of the propellant, to analyzing the shape of the rocket plume and shock diamonds that form in it, to identifying debris and un-burnt propellant ejected as part of the exhaust plume.  Using upto 8 i-SPEED cameras at a time, all synchronized together within 50-nanosecond accuracy, videos can be captured from multiple angles to ensure the whole event is captured and also to generate a 3D image.

For the photographers reading this, videos are typically shot at 5000 frames per second with a global shutter speed of  20 microseconds.  A rocket burn test can be anything upto 10 seconds in duration so multiplying all this by 8 cameras, the colour video data being generated is around 400GB for each test – not bad for 10 seconds work.

The results generated from the i-SPEED cameras will ensure that the rocket will burn with maximum efficiency to generate maximum thrust and safely take Bloodhound SSC and Andy Green beyond 1000mph.

August 29, 2014

To: All Olympus i-SPEED Camera Customers

It is with great pleasure that I announce that, effective immediately, the Olympus i-SPEED camera business has been transferred to a new company named iX Cameras. This new company has been organized to continue the Olympus tradition of strong customer commitment, excellent product quality and dedication to support and service. iX Cameras Ltd is a UK company with headquarters just 2 km from the current Olympus KeyMed headquarters.

The entire engineering, production, sales and marketing staff of the Olympus high-speed video business has now transferred to iX Cameras and will continue normal operations. Considering the fast-paced changes that are common in this industry, Olympus is confident that we have found a good home for this part of our changing product portfolio. The staff is excited to begin this new chapter of their corporate growth with a streamlined, energetic company that is entirely focused on state-of-the-art high-speed video technology and outstanding customer support.

The relationship between Olympus and iX Cameras is collaborative. The current i-SPEED 3 series cameras will continue to be manufactured at Olympus. Service and support for both warranty and out-of-warranty cameras will be moved to iX Cameras using Olympus genuine parts and performed by Olympus trained technicians. The two companies will continue to share information, resources and technology. The quality and reliability of the products and service offered will therefore remain at the same high level as has been experienced under Olympus ownership.

I am pleased to turn the reins over to iX Cameras new President and CEO, Mr. Peter Carellas. Worldwide business development will continue under the veteran leadership of Mr. Jonathan Hatton and the entire camera engineering team will continue to be managed by Mr. Chris Robinson.

Please visit the iX Cameras web site at www.ix-cameras.com to learn more about this new company and the team that will be supporting you in the future.

With appreciation for your business and best wishes for your future,

Steve Brown
Director of Manufacturing and Business Development
Olympus KeyMed

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