The Bloodhound Project Kärcher UK Ltd

Kärcher UK Ltd

Globally renowned for its pressure washers, Kärcher has been at the forefront of cleaning technology for over 80 years; its machines, accessories and detergents provide labour-saving cleaning solutions for every walk of life.

Kärcher invests heavily in research and development, modern production processes and high-quality training. Over 900 employees work in R&D and Kärcher’s innovative pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, scrubber driers, sweepers, municipal vehicles, dry ice blasting machines, vehicle washes, and drinking and waste-water treatment systems hold over 1,400 patents and registered designs.

With a global reputation as a resource-conserving supplier, environmental protection is evident in every aspect of Kärcher’s work, from saving energy and raw materials in manufacture to conserving power for the end user with eco!Efficiency.   Beyond this, Kärcher works in the wider community providing charitable cleaning support.  Furthermore it has successfully cleaned and maintained national treasures including Mount Rushmore and the EDF Energy London Eye as well as provided advice and aid to support flood victims across the world.