The Bloodhound Project Master Abrasives Ltd

Master Abrasives Ltd

Master Abrasives is a leading supplier of abrasives for grinding and finishing applications in various markets, but particularly the aerospace and automotive industry.

In the production facility, Master Manufacture a comprehensive range of coated abrasives belts with an impressive 5 day lead time. They ensure that they service their customers’ needs commercially, technically offering coated belts in the market leading brands coated abrasive material. This ensures optimum productivity and technical satisfaction at the point of use.  The coated package includes a full range of surface finishing products, together with mounted points and carbide burrs for deburring applications.  Master has a complete portfolio of grinding wheels, in both the conventional and superabrasives product range, which is supported by an applications-driven technical sales team.

Master has a range of selected partners they work with to ensure that they can truly offer solutions for industry.