The Bloodhound Project Metal Improvement Company

Metal Improvement Company

Company Profile

Metal Improvement Company, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, provides quality surface processes used by high technology industries such as aerospace, automotive, power generation, oil, gas and petrochemical to improve the strength, life and performance of their critical components. 

These services include:

• Shot peening
• Laser peening
• Peen forming
• Engineered Coatings

Through our high standards and experience, we are able to work in partnership with our customers to enable them to meet and exceed their design requirements. 

Bloodhound Project

Metal Improvement Company is proud and excited to be involved in the Bloodhound Project to develop the world’s first 1,000 mph car and would like to congratulate them on their successful firing of the new rocket on Wednesday 3rd October 2012. 

As part of Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies we have a long history in setting records and achieving the impossible, demonstrated by our founders Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers, who   achieved the first recognised flight in 1903.  Glenn Curtiss in 1907 went on to become the “fastest man in the world” when he rode his Curtiss V-8 power motorcycle at a sustained speed of 136.4mph a record that stood for 20 years and followed it a year later by becoming “the fastest man in the air” at 46.5mph. 

Today we remain committed to the continued development of existing and new technology required by today’s markets.

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