The Bloodhound Project Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials has been commissioned to design and manufacture custom parts to be used in various applications from ‘nose to tail’. The sponsorship draws on Morgan’s broad range of engineering and materials expertise which ranges from composite materials to thermal management solutions.

Bloodhound’s front half takes the form of a carbon fibre monocoque – a secure ‘cell’ which optimises aerodynamics through its complex curvature as well as improving air intake. The Composites and Defence Systems business of Morgan will take responsibility for designing and manufacturing port and starboard panels which will shield the driver from any debris at high speed.

Morgan will also contribute to the lateral stability and aerodynamics of Bloodhound, providing an external surface covering for fin fairings on both sides as well as the leading edge of the fin itself, which has been designed to ensure stability throughout the Mach range. 

Finally, Morgan’s Thermal Ceramics business will use its thermal management expertise to create a customised kit of fire protection parts and materials to be used across the car as well as the support equipment. In contrast to the carbon fibre compartment at the front of the vehicle, the rear of Bloodhound will comprise of a metallic framework and panels, adding an additional challenge for Morgan’s design, engineering and assembly teams.

Mark Robertshaw, CEO of Morgan Advanced Materials plc explained: “As well as a unique opportunity to help Bloodhound beat the world land speed record, our involvement in the project allows us to promote engineering as a career to young people in Britain. The opportunities in the field are varied, as Bloodhound proves, and our experience in creating custom solutions for the aerospace, defence and automotive sectors means we can give Bloodhound the best possible chance of securing supersonic speeds – and the record.”

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