The Bloodhound Project Olympus


Olympus are proud to support this feat of engineering and our range of inspection, measurement, and analysis instruments is ideally suited to such a project. The Bondmaster 600 has been used to verify the bonded sections of the car quickly and accurately. Our market leading technologies allow quick assessment of a component or complete assembly and can identify flaws, material thickness, bond failure, material fatigue, and positive material identification. Optical solutions include the IPLEX range of videoscopes which will allow inspection and measurement of hard to reach areas, such as the EJ200 engine used on Bloodhound, and our materials microscopy solutions such as the DSX range. Non-destructive testing is possible using ultrasound, eddy current, and bond testing capabilities. The X-Ray Fluorescence Delta systems complement our technologies and offer a simple, hand held product to identify elemental material composition.

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