The Bloodhound Project Powerflex EPTG Ltd

Powerflex EPTG Ltd

Powerflex is the world-renowned manufacturer of high performance polyurethane suspension bushes, engine and exhaust mountings.

Established in 1998, we have a long history of motorsport success from F1 to WRC rallying and everything in between.

Powerflex has a range of products featuring over 1,500 individual part numbers, with all design, development, testing and manufacturing carried out in house at our Uxbridge base.

Distributed the world over, Powerflex is one of the best known brands in the performance automotive world.


BLOODHOUND – Why Powerflex?

We are very used to working to tight timescales and exacting tolerances for high performance.

James Painter, Engineering Lead, approached us at the 2011 Autosport International exhibition and asked if we could help with development of some vibration absorbing mounting parts for the auxiliary power unit which is acting as the fuel pump.

He didn’t need to ask twice. The opportunity to work with a focussed talented team to build the fastest car on the planet was too good to miss!

Powerflex – The fastest bushes on Earth