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ReAgent Chemicals

ReAgent is a UK chemical manufacturer offering bespoke chemical solutions to businesses in all industries throughout the UK and Europe. We also offer a huge range of off-the-shelf chemicals for sale online.

All our products and services are backed by our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Standard.

Our key services include:

•    Chemical blending
•    Contract Filling
•    Contract Packing
•    Chemical Manufacturing
•    Sachet Filling
•    Ampoule Filling
•    Bottle Filling

ReAgent is able to fulfil business needs at all stages of the supply chain from product design and raw material sourcing right through to manufacture, custom packing and labelling and fulfilment. We offer tailored solutions to businesses in all industries allowing us to fit seamlessly into any gaps in their existing supply chain. Find out more at www.reagent.co.uk.

As an online retailer, ReAgent offers a huge range of high quality off the shelf chemical products including:

•    Distilled, Demineralised and other high purity Water
•    Acids
•    Buffers
•    Test Kits
•    Solvents
•    Indicators

We offer significant discounts on bulk orders and ship via ADR couriers anywhere in the UK. Visit our online store at www.chemicals.co.uk

www.ReAgent.co.uk - Manufacturing Services
www.Chemicals.co.uk - Online Chemical Shop

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