The Bloodhound Project REID Lifting

REID Lifting

For over 20 years, industry-leading REID has been at the forefront of innovation in the lifting equipment market, designing products that are pioneering in the niche of lightweight, rapidly deployable lifting structures and tailoring them to meet individual application and health and safety needs.

Our range has been developed by identifying sector-specific lifting challenges and engineering to fulfill our customers’ unique needs.

During construction of the super-sonic car, Bloodhound chose to use a REID Lifting PORTA-GANTRY frame. This innovative tall gantry lifting system, with an integrated CMCO Yale 360 chain block has helped Bloodhound to carefully construct each element of the car, powered by both a jet engine and rocket.

REID engineers also are working closely with Bloodhound to create a WLL 3,000kg custom lifting solution necessary for when the iconic vehicle makes its first record attempt in South Africa in 2017.  A custom solution is crucial due to the soft, uneven surface and unique conditions of the Hakskeen Pan, the desert plain where the momentous record attempt will be taking place.



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