The Bloodhound Project Sigmatex


Sigmatex is supplying fabric via SHD and also looking at a new project for a 3D woven component for BLOODHOUND SSC's air brakes.

We are one of the world?s leading converters of Carbon Fibre. Having expertise in this field since 1972, they have grown rapidly to meet ever increasing demands for their products and services.

Sigmatex develops and manufactures carbon fibre textiles for composite material applications. From global locations, Sigmatex supplies spread tow, 2D woven, unidirectional, multiaxial (non-crimp), 3D and recycled textiles across a broad range of industries. Sigmatex's proven capability converts millions of pounds of carbon fibre each year for major projects that require high levels of quality and reliability.

Sigmatex works with customers to create carbon fibre textiles which meet various requirements including fibre orientation, crimp, drapeability, thickness and resin permeability. These textile solutions often require an innovative approach to textile design and process which is the core strength of Sigmatex.


Spread Tow Fabrics, 2D Woven Fabrics, Unidirectional Fabrics, Multiaxial Fabrics, Recycled Fabrics, 3D Fabrics, Innegra Fabrics

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