The Bloodhound Project Sil-Mid Ltd

Sil-Mid Ltd

Sil-Mid are a leading international distributor of adhesives, cleaning compounds, lubricants, oils, greases, sealants, silicones and surface treatment products. We serve a wide global customer base, specialising in aerospace, defence, rail, electronics, telecommunications, marine and general engineering. Our extensive stock file, built up over 30 years, lists some 10,000 items from over 300 suppliers. Our vast experience means our ability to source products is available to all our customers. Sil-Mid provides, consignment stock, on-line information, ship-to-store delivery, and full technical support and total management of SDS and TDS requirements.

www.silmid.com offers a full online order catalogue with trade and contract pricing availability.
Silmid.com are on-board with Bloodhound SSC as a product sponsor. As a product sponsor we are able to advise and source from over 300 suppliers products that can be utilized in the build and maintenance of Bloodhound SSC. These products will be used across Bloodhound, most recently we have supplied an adhesive which will be used with in the wheel configuration, we will also be supporting the engineers tool cabinets when they are on location.
We first found out about Bloodhound SSC when Andy Green spoke at the Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary gala dinner. Following a chat with Andy Green and the fact Sil-Mid were involved in Thrust SSC through product and fuel sponsorship, this was a natural choice to follow once we were aware of the project.