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Sound Solution Consultants

Sound Insulation Testing, Acoustic Materials and Noise Consultancy Services

Sound Solution Consultants offer a full range of acoustic tests and surveys, covering all noise issues from noise at work surveys to extractor fan sound level tests and nightclub noise assessments. Alongside carrying out sound tests, the company also provides bespoke consultancy services to aid specific acoustic problems, designing and installing expert noise cancellation solutions.  As well as providing consultancy services, Sound Solution Consultants stocks a wide range of acoustic materials, providing an avenue for customers to buy exactly the materials they need from a company of experts that can ensure they are ordering the correct products for the job.

The dedicated team is headed up by owner and Managing Director Mark Page, an expert in sound insulation and noise surveys who has been in the industry for over 12 years. Mark continues to travel across the UK to undertake noise surveys and provide acoustic advice to individuals and businesses. The business has grown in the past number of years with expansion to accommodate growing sound testing demands.

Sound Solution Consultants will be providing sound insulation materials for use in the cockpit of the Bloodhound project. The issues of noise and vibrations are very important to the driver, Andy Green, especially in such a close and confined area.  The air flow above the cockpit will be required to slow an incredible amount, 400 mph, through shock waves before entering the jet intake. This will be a lot of energy over Andy’s head and as such creates a lot of noise. Through specific sound insulation materials the effects of the acoustic vibrations will be minimised, helping to protect Andy during the run.

Melamine Foam and Polymeric Barrier composites have been designed to reduce reverberation within the cockpit. Various thicknesses are being used dependant on the amount of space available. Andy Green has been advising on where he will have space and where he needs additional space for operating the controls.