The Bloodhound Project Virgin Media Business

Virgin Media Business

Virgin Media Business is always looking for new ways to help make British businesses great. BLOOHOUND’s groundbreaking project is helping us all to get one step closer to that goal.

BLOODHOUND’s mission is not only to develop a cutting edge car and break records, but it’s also about working hard to pave the way for future innovations and discoveries. By educating and inspiring the next generation of young engineers, scientists and business leaders, the BLOODHOUND team are shoring up the future of British prosperity.

That’s why Virgin Media Business is delighted to be helping power the BLOODHOUND project over a dedicated fibre optic network. With super-fast internet and a digital phone system the people working on the project are better able to share information, both internally, and with partners, schools and universities and the media.

With the right technology, the team can concentrate of smashing records and educating the engineering talent of tomorrow.
About us: Virgin Media Business is the largest business-to-business brand in the Virgin group. It’s the UK’s only telco with a nationwide fibre optic and it carries 35% of all business broadband traffic. We exist to providing innovative, high quality connectivity solutions and brilliant customer service. Our employees are located at 40 offices across the UK, allowing our teams to be closer to its customers in presence and mind.

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